anadrol pills


Neuroses and neurosis-like states and endogenous organic origin with a predominance senestopaticheskih, hypochondriac, phobic and psycho-vegetative disorders; psychopathy and psihoastenicheskimi with asthenic disorders; anxiety and depression within the border of endogenous anadrol pills and vascular diseases; senestopaticheskie depression, somatisation mental disorders; state of excitement and anxiety in somatic diseases; sleep disorders of various origin, allergic reactions (symptomatic treatment).



Hypersensitivity, angle-closure glaucoma, prostatic hyperplasia, severe liver and kidney disease, Parkinson’s disease, myasthenia gravis, Reye’s Syndrome, the simultaneous use of  inhibitors, pregnancy, lactation; Children under 7 years old.

Precautions: hr. alcoholism, if there are indications of a history of complications when using drugs phenothiazine series; bladder neck obstruction, predisposition to urinary retention, epilepsy, open-angle glaucoma, jaundice, depression of bone marrow function, hypotension.


Dosage and administration:

Inside. The daily dose is divided into 3-4 receptions. For adults 5-10 mg / day (sleeping pills); 60-80 mg / day (anxiolysis). . When a psychotic states – 0.2-0.4 g / day children 7 years to designate as follows (depending on age and body mass): 2.5 -5 mg / day (sedative effect) 5-20 mg / day (as the symptomatic treatment of allergic reactions) 20-40 mg / day (anxiolytic effect) When anadrol pills a psychotic states may increase the daily dose to 60mg / day.


Side effect:

The drug is generally well tolerated. Side effects are extremely rare and are expressed only slightly.
From the nervous system: drowsiness, lethargy, fatigue, occurring mainly in the first days of receiving and rarely require discontinuation of the drug; paradoxical reactions (restlessness, agitation, “nightmarish” dream, irritability); rare – confusion, extrapyramidal disorders (hypokinesia, akathisia, tremor); increased frequency of sleep apnea, increased seizure activity (in children).
From the senses: blurred vision (accommodation paresis), noise or ringing in the ears.
From the anadrol pills: dizziness, decreased blood pressure, tachycardia.
From the digestive system: dry mouth , atonic gastrointestinal tract, constipation, decreased appetite.
The respiratory system: dry nose, throat, increase in the viscosity of bronchial secretions.
From the urinary system: atony bladder, urinary retention.
Other: allergic reactions, suppression of bone marrow hematopoiesis, increased sweating, muscle relaxation, photosensitivity.



Increased adverse reactions, depression of consciousness. Treatment – siptomaticheskoe.


Interaction with other drugs:

It enhances the effects of narcotic analgesics, hypnotics, anxiolytics (tranquilizers) and antipsychotic drugs (neuroleptics), as well as drugs for general anesthesia, m-holinoblokatorov and antihypertensive drugs (dose adjustments). Weaken the effect of amphetamine derivatives, m-holinostimulyatorov, ephedrine, guanethidine, levodopa, dopamine.
Ethanol and drugs that inhibit the action of the central nervous  depression.
Antiepileptic drugs and barbiturates reduce the threshold for seizure activity (required correction doses).
Beta-blockers increase (each) concentration plasma (subject to marked reduction of blood pressure, arrhythmias).
Weaken the effect of bromocriptine and increases the concentration of prolactin in the blood serum.
Tricyclic antidepressants and anticholinergic drugs increase m-anticholinergic activity.
MAO inhibitors (co-administration is not recommended), and phenothiazines increase the risk of hypotension and extrapyramidal disorders.
When concomitant administration alimemazin with drugs, which suppress bone marrow blood, increases the risk of myelosuppression.
Hepatotoxic drugs increase the expression of the drug hepatotoxicity.


Special instructions:

Prolonged treatment is necessary to systematically anadrol pills carry out blood tests, to evaluate liver function.
It may mask ototoxic effects (ringing in the ears and dizziness) jointly used drugs.
It increases the need for riboflavin.
In order to prevent distortion of the results of skin prick tests on allergens must be canceled 72 hours prior to an allergic testing.
During treatment possible false positive results for the presence of pregnancy.
The treatment should not engage in activities that require high concentration. During treatment should not drink alcohol.